What should I do if the evaporator of the industrial chiller freezes?

发表时间 :2020-05-08

On this issue, we must first know the cause of the evaporator freezing. We know that when the chiller is running, the temperature of the evaporator is very low, generally below 0 ℃, or even lower. If the water (solution) entering the evaporator cannot flow smoothly, then they will quickly form ice in the evaporator to block the flow of water (solution). As a result, the machine cannot operate normally. In severe cases, the ice cubes will crush the heat exchange copper tubes, and water will enter the system, which will directly damage the chiller.

Longxin Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. tells you that there are several reasons for the freezing of the evaporator:

(1) The chilled water pump cannot operate normally.

(2) The water flow switch is damaged.

(3) The circulating chilled water tank is short of water.

In this case, we must stop the operation of the chiller immediately. Quickly peel off the thermal insulation cotton on the surface of the evaporator, let it come into contact with the outside air, and slowly melt the ice in the evaporator; or heat the evaporator shell to make the ice melt faster. When all the ice in the evaporator is gone, turn on the chiller.

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