How to connect power supply to industrial chiller compressor

发表时间 :2020-05-08

The refrigeration compressor is the core component of the industrial chiller. If it is a new equipment, the power cord of the compressor is connected, but if the compressor is broken and needs to be repaired or replaced, here is how to wire the compressor Problem.

    1. Judgment method of single-phase compressor common terminal C, main winding terminal R and auxiliary winding terminal S:

According to the principle that the diameter and the number of turns of the single-phase compressor are different, the DC resistance value is also different (the main winding C ~ R resistance value is small, the auxiliary winding C ~ S resistance value is slightly larger, and the R ~ S resistance The value is the sum of the resistance of the main and auxiliary windings).

Using a multimeter resistance file, assuming that any terminal is the C terminal, contact one meter pen of the multimeter with the assumed common terminal and the other meter pen to contact the other two terminals respectively. If the measured resistance values are: 3.5Ω, 4.2Ω, If the assumption is correct, then the other end with the smaller resistance value is the main winding end R, and the other end with the slightly larger resistance value is the secondary winding end S. In the same way, it can be assumed that the common terminal C, the main winding terminal R and the auxiliary winding terminal S can be found up to three times.

The air conditioning compressor has 3 connection points, which are the starting winding and the running winding. You can use a multimeter to distinguish the above windings. The common point is found. The resistance of the starting winding is less than the running winding. The three points are distinguished for the next step. It is wiring.

Remember that the common point is generally marked with a letter C, and the zero line is connected to the common point C, and the live wire is connected to one point of the capacitor, and the other point of the capacitor is connected to a point of the starting winding of the air conditioner compressor, and the running winding of the compressor Connect the dot to the fire line of the capacitor just now.

    2. Wiring method of 380V compressor

If the compressor is a three-phase 380V voltage, connect the three live wires directly to the terminal of the press, and then turn on the power to observe whether it is running forward or reverse. It is necessary to cut off the power immediately after the transfer, and then swap any two of the live wires, which is the correct wiring method.

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